Vocational Sunday – April 21, 2024

ELCIC members and congregations are invited to celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter as a Day of Prayer for Vocations to Rostered Ministry.

Resources for Vocational Sunday 2024:

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The word “vocation” is rooted in the Latin word, voccacio meaning call or summons. A vocation is a calling: to serve God, to an occupation or profession, and/or an inclination to a particular activity.

Individuals and congregations play a vital role in leadership formation. In faithful, prayerful community, we help each other to hear God’s call and encourage each other to exercise gifts for ministry.

The following prayer is recommended for Vocational Sunday:


Holy God, we pray for our church as we continue to engage in renewal: that the Spirit would guide us and enlighten us, and that in living into a renewed vision of the church we may all be strengthened for ministry in and for our church, and in and for our world. We give you thanks for the gift of being called through baptism. Bless the church with faithful pastors and deacons. Inspire us all to pattern our lives on our Lord Jesus Christ, in gratitude to you and in service to others. Grant us courage, patience, and vision; and strengthen us all in our Christian vocation of witness to the world and of service to others. Amen. 

(EvLW, pg 74)

#VocationalSunday Challenge

To encourage conversation around the call to rostered ministry, this year we are introducing a challenge to all rostered ministers to make a 30 second video that starts with, “I first felt the call to rostered ministry when…” and finishes with, “My one piece of advice to someone who may be feeling a call to ministry is…

Watch stories from across the church:

  • Lisa Janke, Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod candidate approved for rostered ministry
  • Rev. Annemarie MacIntosh, rostered minister in the Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod (2017)
  • Rev. Courtenay Reedman Parker, rostered minister in the Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod (2017)
  • Aneeta Saroop, seminary student at Lutheran Theological Seminary and intern at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Victoria (2016)
  • Rev. Dr. Tim Wray, rostered minister in the Synod of Alberta and the Territories (2016)

Do you have a story to share? RECORD your 30 second video and SHARE it on social media using the hashtag #VocationalSunday.

Considering A Call To Rostered Ministry?

If you are considering a call to rostered ministry, we invite you to talk to your Pastor, Diaconal Minister or Bishop.