Supporting your congregation during COVID-19 closures

While it is unknown how long this period of closures and suspension of in-person worship services will last across the country, ministry continues the best way possible.

It is very important during this time that we continue to make our offerings. Not only are there many expenses that will continue even without in-person worship, but we will some day open again, and when we do, we must ensure that we are prepared and ready to resume normal operations.

Many congregations have means to continue offerings during this time, including pre-authorized remittance, electronic funds transfers, online donation options from their websites, and even mailing in offerings.

If your congregation is not set up for an online or electronic transfer, the National Office is here to help facilitate that.

  • Use our secure donation website and select the option for, “ELCIC Congregation.”
  • In the notes field, be sure to indicate the full name and mailing address for your congregation.
  • The ELCIC National Office will transfer these funds directly to the congregation.
  • You may also want to consider setting up Pre-Authorized Remittance

We encourage you to let others in your congregation know about these options to keep giving to God’s mission.