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March issue: The Climate Crisis and Us

You don’t need to be a meteorologist to realize that the global climate is in a state of crisis. Whether it’s wildfires in British Columbia and Australia, heatwaves in Europe, droughts and floods in Africa and hurricanes across the Caribbean, there is no shortage of weather-related emergencies happening with alarming frequency around the world.

In fact, it seems they have become as regular a part of the news cycle as the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, the box office haul of Hollywood blockbusters and the plight of your favourite sports team.

“In the Christian faith, we are called to love one another but we can’t love one another in our global community without seeking climate justice. The injustice of it is killing our brothers and sisters around the world. If we aren’t valuing the earth, the life we’ve been given and the lives around us, we aren’t following our Creator’s call.”

The March 2023 issue of Canada Lutheran focuses on the ongoing climate crisis and our role as Christians to help intervene and steer us back on the right path. Winnipeg-based writer Geoff Kirbyson digs deeper into climate change with a focus on the future of God’s green earth.