Canada’s Muslims And Jews 

The Evangelical Lutheran church in Canada participates in two interfaith dialogues sponsored by the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC). The ELCIC is represented on both the Canadian Christian-Jewish Consultation and National Muslim-Christian Liaison Committee.

Canadian Interfaith Conversation

The ELCIC is a participant in the newly-formed (2012) Canadian Interfaith Conversation. View the Conversation’s Charter vision (2013). 

On November 11, 2013, ELCIC National Bishop Susan C. Johnson joined leaders from various faith traditions in signing a Statement on Quebec Charter of Values, prepared by the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, expressing concern about the proposed charter’s effect on religious freedom.

The Montreal Lutheran Council, an association of nine ELCIC parishes, also developed a statement expressing about the proposed charter. View the video of the council’s discussion in response to the charter.

Statements And Documents