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General Information:

The Advanced Study Funds provide grants to CEP members who are engaged in advanced study. Grants are awarded through an application process and shall be evaluated by PCLM on how the proposed program of study will promote growth for effective ministry and will support the ELCIC’s mandate to be a church In Mission for Others. The application form is available to view on the GSI website.


To be eligible for Advanced Study Funds, the member shall be engaged in a study program that leads to an advanced degree or to a diploma.

The  program may be based on part-time study while continuing regular employment or it may involve an extended study leave, with or without full-time residency at an educational institution. In some cases, a study leave may happen in conjunction with a sabbatical. If a sabbatical is involved, members and employers should consult the Synodical Sabbatical Guidelines from their respective synod.

A member must have been an active contributor to CEP for at least one full year.

A member who is applying to the Advanced Study Fund is expected to use funds from his or her CEP member account in support of his or her Advanced-Study goals. With each submission for reimbursement of Advanced-Study costs, 90% will be funded from the grant account, and 10% will be withdrawn from the individual member’s account.

Application Approval:

An application form must be completed and submitted to PCLM by January 15th or May 15th each year for the upcoming academic year for which funds are required.

The application requires permission from the employer to engage in the proposed study program. It also includes three letters of reference. One letter should be from an employer representative. For rostered members, one letter should be from the synodical bishop or the bishop’s designate. For non-rostered/lay members, one letter should be from an ELCIC rostered minister.

Tax Information:

As the funds in this account are accumulated from employer contributions and have not been subject to statutory withholdings, all disbursements must qualify as eligible education expenses within the interpretation of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Members who are awarded a grant from the Advanced Study Fund will be asked to submit a report to PCLM that briefly describes the activities, insights and benefits of their studies. The report is due by January 31 in the year following reception of the grant.

Available funds:

The maximum amount available per member for any one year will be $9,000*. The amount may depend on the overall availability of funds and number of applications. Consideration will be given to need. The total amount allocated per member in any 10-year period shall not exceed $45,000*.

*starting in 2023 as approved by NCC cc-2022-03