ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson invites you to engage in a year of reading the Bible! Find out more by watching her video here:

Forming a book club is easy! Consider the following for a few tips and pull together a Living our Faith Bible Book Club for your congregation, community, family and/or friends today: 

September 2020: Genesis

October 2020: Deuteronomy

November 2020: 1 Kings

December 2020: Psalms

January 2021: Ecclesiastes

February 2021: Jeremiah

March 2021: Daniel

April 2021: Amos

May 2021: Mark

June 2021: Acts

July 2021: 1 Corinthians

August 2021: Revelation

September 2021: Ephesians

October 2021: Esther

November 2021: Jonah

December 2021: Ruth