For the last two years, the ELCIC has been sharing National Bishop Susan Johnson’s vision for a four-year emphasis on Living our Faith – as together we pray, read, worship and love.

During this third year, we continue our focus on worship with the goal of deepening our experience in worship when the community gathers (either together in person or online) and to deepen our individual practice of daily devotion.

Each week, we post a highlight/reflection from an ELCIC member with their suggestions and thoughts on becoming more engaged in a daily devotional practice and/or worship. 

Would you be willing to share with us a tip, suggestion, or inspiration on how you make worship a daily practice, how you fit devotions into your life and/or how you actively seek to deepen your devotional practice?

We ask that you submit only  a sentence or two (40-60 words) as your reflection. We welcome resource suggestions as well. To share your thoughts and ideas now, please fill out this quick and easy form. We can’t wait to hear from you!