In 2011 ELCIC National Convention adopted the ELCIC Social Statement on Human Sexuality.  The Social Statement has three sections:

  1. “Encountering the World in Which We Live” names some of the current issues of sexuality that face our world. 
  2. “Facing God and Being Church” articulates the faith and theology which guides our life together; 
  3. “Doing Ministry” seeks to stimulate conversation about mission and ministry at the local and global level.

The ELCIC is committed to addressing issues of injustice as identified in the Social Statement on Human Sexuality. 

Physical Punishment  

At the invitation of the Coalition on Physical Punishment of Children and Youth, the ELCIC National Church Council endorsed a ‘Joint Statement on Physical Punishment of Childrenand Youth,’ and commended the Joint Statement to the congregations and members of the ELCIC as a tool for living out the call to ‘Support Families’, one of the focuses contained in the 2011 ELCIC Social Statement on Human Sexuality. The Joint Statement outlines both the negative aspect of physical punishment, advocates for effective discipline, and calls for parenting education.