The Joint Assembly Declaration (2013)

Mining and resource extraction generate wealth but they also give rise to serious and complex environmental, socio-economic, and human rights issues. Many of our global church partners, and members of our own churches, have called on us to address these issues as Canadian churches. We bear a moral responsibility to address these issues and concerns in partnership with others. 

The 2013 Joint Assembly Declaration Commits the ELCIC and the Anglican Church of Canada to working together engage issues of responsible resource extraction. We commit:

  • to learn about issues of resource extraction and the effects on environment, health, Indigenous peoples, communities, and economies and to raise awareness within our communities and with policy shapers and decision makers
  • to act in support of our partners in defining their own development goals, including supporting Indigenous communities in Canada and overseas in exercising their right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent; and to act to embed enforceable legal obligations based on FPIC in Canadian policies and practices with respect to resource extraction 
  • to advocate for responsible and ethical investment and actions by individuals, faith communities, corporations, and governments both in Canada and around the world 
  • to pray for the humility and discipline to use Earth’s resources wisely and responsibly.